European Climate Prediction system

producing actionable climate information for risk-based planning

The Project

Predictions and projections of climate can help governments, businesses and other stakeholders better plan how to deal with the challenges and opportunities that a changing climate brings.

EUCP (European Climate Prediction) is a research project that supports both scientists and climate information providers to produce better climate information for these users, as well as directly producing some of this information.  It develops cutting-edge approaches to using climate predictions and projections, as well as providing new climate simulations, never rolled out before on a European level. This lays the foundation for a future regional climate prediction system for Europe.

VIDEO: Europe’s climate in 2050

The speed and magnitude of the climate change we are facing today are unprecedented. Heatwaves, droughts, floods… We are feeling its effects on our daily lives, year after year. Its impacts will increase at least until 2050 and every region of Europe will be affected. Based on the results of the latest available studies, and in particular, on the 6th IPCC report, this film, produced by scientists in the framework of the European project EUCP, aims to present to the general public the climate changes expected in Europe in 2050. The researchers explain in an accessible way the variations in temperature and precipitation as well as the extreme climate events that European inhabitants will have to face.

This film provides the keys to understand how climate will reshape our landscapes and lifestyles over the coming decades, and to enable us to better anticipate the need for human societies to adapt to this partly inevitable climate change.

The video is also available in other languages: