EUCP has produced several policy briefs describing our key advancements and innovations, as well as future progress.

Policy Brief 1 describes some of the changes in the climate across Europe already happening and the impacts this has produced in recent years. Through findings from EUCP research, we outline how the future climate of Europe is likely to change and what impacts this could have on key industries and communities.

Policy Brief 2 highlights some of the opportunities to build on what EUCP has learned in future research activities. New EU Horizon programmes are already exploiting and building on what EUCP has learned and applying it to new projects, such as nextGEMS and climateurope2.

Policy Brief 3 presents some of EUCP’s key outputs, products and methodological advances, intended to highlight developments useful to climate service providers. The EUCP project has provided new scientific findings and various different climate service products to bring the very latest approaches to the hands of climate information users.

EUCP has also produced a briefing on our work providing high-resolution climate simulations covering some of Europe’s outermost regions. This highlights the benefits these simulations can bring to the island of La Réunion, the Madeira and Canary archipelagos and the Caribbean region.