An update from the Multi-User Forum: looking forward to our first workshop!

EUCP Updates

EUCP aims at involving end users closely through an interactive approach to ensure its research targets their needs. One aspect of this approach is the Multi-User Forum (MUF), which brings together representatives from public bodies and authorities, civil society organisations, businesses, risk-related partnerships, financial organisations and academic institutions. These work with the project scientists to influence the design of the climate prediction system that EUCP is developing.

The first wave of engagement held by the MUF took place last spring, through a series of virtual consultations with climate information users. These consultations essentially aimed at establishing a first contact and starting to build relationships, but also identified initial ideas of users’ needs and interests in terms of climate information to explore further. Since then, relationships deepened: for example, our partner Deltares has been collaborating with the European Commission Joint Research Center on coastal flooding and erosion.

The MUF will build on this momentum started in 2020 by holding its first workshop on the 8th of February 2021. This workshop will aim at assessing whether MUF members can use the data produced by EUCP directly, or whether they require additional guidance to do so. The workshop will also explore areas where EUCP science could focus on to increase the actionability of climate information, building on three themes identified during the 2020 spring consultations, namely:

  1. Increasing the predictability and confidence of short-term (1-10 years) and longer-term climate information, particularly in main climate variables including temperature, precipitation, relative humidity and surface winds as well as climate indices representing extremes;
  2. Providing a methodology to select climate information amongst the already large available amounts of climate projections;
  3. Providing bias-adjusted climate information.


As participation is limited, please contact Jens Hesselbjerg Christensen <> or Claas.Teichmann <>  if you are interested in attending by January 25th 2021.