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MUF: Should we average sub-daily precipitation extremes? Are the indicators still reliable when they’re averaged over basins? Is there a criterion for the size of the basin? The capacity to manage large amounts of data is limited. How could this be technically managed?

EUCP: Having a tool that would allow extracting only the area of interest would be helpful. The users need to let us know clearly what they need so we could find the most appropriate approach. It has to be dealt with on a case by case basis.


EUCP: What timescales are of most interest for your work?

MUF: Seasonal to decadal scale for drought analysis.


EUCP: How should quantification of uncertainty be presented?

MUF (Water management): We need ranges of projections in the future. Then we choose from there and adapt strategies as we go on. We cannot wait though, because reservoirs take up to 15 years to construct so we have to start now.


MUF: How reliable is the decadal prediction of precipitation on a decadal time scale?

EUCP: There is skill if you carefully calibrate your forecast. So it is reliable, but it still depends on what exactly you need. For more information on this then research conducted by Verfaillie et al. (2020) should prove useful.


MUF: We need guidance to select good approaches for selecting information from climate projections.

EUCP: We work mainly on temperature and precipitation, but in theory we could work on something else. We would like to have input from users to provide more tailored information. We should be careful to avoid overly easy solutions, as each should be tailored depending on the user’s needs.


EUCP: Do you have access to ESGF and/or C3S?

MUF: Yes and we prefer C3S, because it is easier to find the data you need.

EUCP: What (other) way of accessing EUCP data or using EUCP methods would be convenient for you?

MUF: Jupyter Notebooks